Naturals on the Rise: Interview with Instagram Beauty @ angelface_cherry

So I recently caught up with the Instagram beauty/naturalista @ angelface_cherry. Fortunately, I was able to snag a moment of her time to interview her about her beautiful hair as well as her future goals. Not only is she one of the sweetest, most humble ladies I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with, her beauty and natural hair flyness is to die for! Catch the interview below, and be sure to follow her on Instagram for more bomb hair styles and color ideas!

How long have you been natural?

“Overall, I’ve been natural for almost five years.”

Did you big chop or transition?

“I big chopped TWICE. I actually cut my hair the second time back in 2014 of May or June. I was tired (or so I thought) of my hair. Within a month, I knew it was a mistake and started over again! I hadn’t permed my hair again…just straightened it repeatedly. So I stop straightening it, and let it fro out again.”

Do you have a hair care regimen? If so can you briefly describe it?

“My hair care is pretty simple. Lots of water, an oil, and a leave in conditioner before the oil goes on. I deep condition but not as often as I would like.”

What has been the most rewarding part of your natural hair journey?

“The most rewarding thing about my hair is it is mines. I actually fret less over it than I did with a perm.”

What has been the most challenging part of the journey?

“The most challenging part of it all has been to actually take the time to style it (twist it, braid it, Bantu knot it). It actually takes preparation when I want to look cute to go somewhere.”

What is your go-to hair style?

“Normally I just do a wash and go.”

What are your top 3 products that you can’t live without? 

“Top 3 products are Eco Styler gel (green), coconut oil, and  CANTU leave in conditioner. I often change products though because sometimes I feel my hair becomes resistant when I use the same products over and over again.”

I absolutely love the diversity of your hair colors and you rock them all so well! What inspires you to change hair colors so often?

“I change colors so often because I feel u have the ability if you are natural; your hair is less likely to be damaged. Plus I like seeing the different looks on me.”

Any tips for the ladies on how to keep their color fresh and their tresses protected from the damage that can occur from coloring?

“To keep the color from damaging my hair, I deep condition or just use rinses instead of permanent hair color.”

What advice would you give to aspiring naturals or seasoned naturals who are struggling with their hair journey?

“My advice to naturalistas would be…don’t give up on YOUR own hair. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to throw a perm on it; but think of how much money you save being natural and the fact that you can get it wet without crying about messing it up.”


Bio: My real name is Chiharolynne Yancy. I was named after my dad and aunt (Harold Lynn Yancy and Carolyn). I have three beautiful children from a previous marriage. Although I’ve modeled before, it was not something I was willing to pursue as a stable career. As for career plans, I want to be a paralegal. I will be attending Southwest Tenn Comm College and obtaining a degree in criminal justice in pursuit of this dream. I currently work for MACYS as a merchandiser for the store, and spend my free time hitting the gym and having fun with my family.


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