Big Chop 101: How To Prepare Yourself

   ***Photo Provided by Starsha Hall***

So I’ve had many ladies come to me in fear and trembling (lol) because they want to ‘go natural’ but are afraid of the consequences that come along with doing the Big Chop. Let me first inform you that there is an alternative to big-chopping which is called transitioning. Transitioning is where you allow the perm, heat damage, or color damage to grow out while slowly cutting it off the ends of your hair at chosen intervals. We will discuss transitioning in depth in another blog, but for now I want to tell you what you should do to prepare yourself for the Big Chop.

The first and in my opinion the most important thing is to get yourself mentally prepared. Most people are already not as confident as they should be in their self-image. You add ridicule and judgement from close family, friends, and even strangers into the equation and it can be a recipe for disaster. I advise you to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate why you want to just chop all your hair off and start from scratch like I did.

If it’s because you’ve truly had enough of the chemicals and you don’t give a damn what anybody else thinks…then I will hand you the scissors myself girl! But if you are deeply troubled by what your lover or your parents or even coworkers may think then I advise you to find a reason that will help you push through even in the face of all that criticism. It could something as simple as envisioning yourself with longer, healthier hair…the hair you couldn’t achieve with the perm eating away at your strands. Or it could be as deep as knowing that you were divinely made and if the Creator wanted your hair to be straight, you would’ve been born with it straight. Either way prepare yourself for some backlash that is sure to come, and be ready to push through Queen!

The second thing to do is go out and get yourself some fly accessories. If you’ve ever paid attention to women who go natural, you will notice three things…they start buying earrings, usually the big loopy or dangling ones; they get at least a couple of cute scarfs for days when they want to wrap their hair up, and they begin to dabble in make-up. These things can be connected with the fact that they feel a little self-conscious about the change in hair (image), and/or the fact they just want to switch up their style to go with their new hair. Either way there is nothing wrong with big earrings, cute scarfs, and a little make-up. And even if you don’t think you will need any of it, it’s best to have it on hand just in case you change your mind!

Thirdly, you want to make sure you have the right kind of scissors before cutting! No all scissors are not created equal and some can leave you with major split ends which leads to breakage. And if you’ve been reading my blogs you know that breakage is a no-no when it comes to growing your hair long. The correct scissors to by are called sheers. They can range largely in price, but as long as you get some that are meant to cut hair then you should be fine.

The last step is to JUST DO IT! I’m not promoting Nike, but I promise you guys they were on point when they came up with this slogan. Stop worrying about whether your hair will grow back…it will! Stop worrying about what your friends will think…it doesn’t matter because it’s not their hair! Stop worrying about whether you’ll love it…yes there is a chance you might not in the beginning; but if you do it for the right reasons and stick to it…it will change your life for the better! So go ahead, grab a pair of sheers and get to cutting!

  ***Proof that it will grow back!***  

How to do it? You can Big Chop yourself or you can go to a salon and let them do it for you. If you do it at home, remember to wet your hair, work in small sections and cut at the point right before the curl turns straight. If you live in Memphis, contact me and I can do it for! As always…Happy Growing ladies!


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